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Yang Zhuang duck noodles

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 1, 2019


Yang Zhuang's duck noodles are popular among local residents. [Photo/sohu.com]

Yang Zhuang, the shop owner, started selling duck noodles in Tong'an district 20 years ago, and his noodles have cast a spell on countless foodies and noodlies (noodle enthusiasts). In addition to duck, Yang also adds Chinese angelica, rehmannia glutinosa and three other Chinese herbs to the soup and simmers it over a slow fire for two hours. After the soup is done, he adds his hand-made thin noodles. The tender duck and chewy noodles will surely lure you in for seconds.

Address: 50 meters southeast of intersection between Fengxiang Road and West Huancheng Road