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Steamed Rice Milk

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 1, 2019


Steamed Rice Milk. [Photo/xmtravel.gov.cn]

Youcongke, or steamed rice milk, is one of representatives of Xiamen delicacies. Its main ingredients are polished round-grained rice and various other seasonings.

Knead the shredded meat, chopped water-chestnuts, dried small shrimps, sweet potato flour, scallions, spice powder and salt together into a ball, pour the rice milk ground from soaked polished round-grained rice over the seasoned ball in a bowl and then put the bowl in a steamer to steam.

When eating the steamed rice milk, one usually needs to cut it out and accompany it with soy sauce, barbeque sauce, chili sauce or mashed garlic according to different tastes.