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Fried Leek Dumplings

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 1, 2019


Fried Leek Dumplings. [Photo/xmtravel.gov.cn]

As the name suggests, fried leek dumplings are shaped like dumplings, except they are fried instead of boiled, and are also bigger than traditional dumplings. Fried leek dumplings are a popular delicacy in south Fujian province and Taiwan. Although they are also common in north China, Xiamen's fried leek dumplings are unique to the region.

The wrappers are made of flour and lard and the filling consists of minced pork shoulders, shrimp, flat fish, water chestnuts, carrots, winter bamboo shoots, dried tofu and, of course, the leek.

When taking a bite of a freshly-made fried leek dumpling, be sure to savor the crunch of the crispy wrapper and the light aroma of the leek, which has been likened to the smell of spring.

They taste better when the filling is made from tender, freshly-picked leeks.