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Xiamen Tongan Industrial Area

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Apr 30, 2019


Developed in 2005, Xiamen Tongan Industrial Area is 25 kilometers from the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, 27 km from Dongdu Port and 1 km from Fuzhou-Xiamen Expressway. 

The built-up area of Tongan covers about 16 square km (including residential communities and villages), of which the industrial land area is about 7 sq km. The area aims to operate comprehensive businesses ranging from heating and kitchen to fitness equipment, machinery and electronics, and logistics and distribution. More than 541 enterprises have been attracted to the area, including 209 above designated size (enterprises with an annual revenue over 20 million yuan ($3 million)). Currently the area has 200,000 residents and industrial workers. 

Tongan Industrial Area has followed the "enclave industry" mode, a development pattern that makes an area's industrial clusters or industrial projects develop in another area for an intensive use of land resources, but the industrial output and tax still goes to the former. With successful practices, Tongan Industrial Area has realized the sharing of each district's resources and complementary advantages, optimized the industrial layout, and enhanced the industrial agglomeration effect. 

In 2016, the area started promoting the new management mode of "big housekeeper and small property". It was adopted by Xiamen ITG Holding Group Co Ltd, a State-owned business group as well as a Fortune Global 500 Company, under the Xiamen municipal government. The new management mode has given full play to the internal and external resources of the enterprise and has also helped enhance relationships with government departments, enterprises and surrounding communities, therefore creating an efficient industrial service platform and improving the industrial area's management level.